Photography has become an important window for Qinghai’s foreign propaganda

"is a local photographer in Qinghai, has brought us a lot of wonderful works. The photographers in Qinghai have reached the domestic and international levels in their creative ideas and photographic language". The 4 judges of the international jury of the recent Qinghai photographer to give this highly evaluation, not only reflects the level of art Qinghai photography to achieve, but also shows that the United States and the United States in Qinghai foreign propaganda played an important role in the image.

with the popularity of digital cameras and mobile phones, photography has never been so widely integrated into today’s public life. Take this opportunity, innovative ideas work in Qinghai province Photographers Association, the organization led the majority of photographers, and to promote the Qinghai mission, hosted the International Photography Festival, out of the door to engage in film festivals, through vivid images will show great beauty of Qinghai in front of the world.

China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival, has become a beautiful brand of foreign exchange in Qinghai. Last year the fifth Photography Festival, have participated in the work of 1568 photographers million; nearly a thousand works "beauty, Germany, France and Britain in more than and 20 countries for the first exhibition of domestic photography master. Photography Festival is known as a high starting point for the construction of Qinghai culture, high positioning to create a "golden brand", Qinghai to the world, so that the world understand Qinghai, has a positive role in promoting. In addition, as a local photographer and a grand "China Mobile Cup" photography exhibition in Qinghai Province, has been held 15 sessions, a large number of outstanding works were sent to domestic and international photography exhibition match, wide influence. Qinghai Photographers Association also creative work, the enterprise alliance, cooperation exhibition, held a number of levels, and influential scale photography exhibitions and competitions. (author: son b)


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