Care for the elderly, the party and government bounden duty

To celebrate the national day, celebrating the Double Ninth Festival, rich cultural life of the old cadres in our city, in September 28th, the city held the original Chongyang department level cadres Festival fun games, at the same time, to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the founding of new Chinese veteran painting and calligraphy exhibition also kicked off. At the fun games, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out that people will be old, after the old people need to think about it, someone hung, some people love. Respect, care and love for the old and aged, is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, the party is the bounden duty of the government, we not only Fengnianguojie to think about them, they care more about the usual. To strive for the old and do practical work, so that the majority of the elderly live more healthy, spiritual comfort, sharing the fruits of reform and opening up. Throw darts, shoot football doors, participate in fun bowling…… In this fun games, more than the original department level cadres play both happy and happy. At the same time, the city’s four leading group Wang Yubo, Su Rong, Zou Jiansheng, and so on, and so on, and so on, and also the old leaders to participate in the fun games, and so on, and so on, and so on, led by the leadership of the group, such as the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of China, the world’s top team leaders, such as the leadership of the. At the fun games, Wang Jianjun, first of all, on behalf of the city’s four major cities of the National People’s Day wish the National People’s day happy, and extend greetings and good wishes to the elderly in the city. He said that after three days is the birthday of People’s Republic of China, and then over the past four days, is the Chung Yeung Festival, but also the elderly day. Xining and the country a, has gone through 65 years of glorious history, the past 65 years, our generation to succeed and struggling, predecessors trees, descendants cool, now the face of Xining change rapidly this is the basis of predecessors, lay, together with the old leadership, old cadres toil and effort. Predecessors after the wind snow and rain, accumulated rich experience, wisdom and experience. We as a successor to inherit the good predecessors who laid the foundation, and work together to build a better Xining. At present, Xining is in a difficult stage of climbing, we must build a joint effort to reform and development, the old leaders, old comrades to continue to care for and support the construction and development of Xining. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the city should be held some loved, the elderly like to participate in activities, we have to get together, chat, talk about their lives, talk about the idea of building in Xining. The municipal government should strive for old and do practical work, the party and the government of the old comrades of concern and care of specific, let each old comrades feel the care of the party and government.  

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