Poverty alleviation action plan the province took out 12 policies to shift employment poverty allevi

reporter yesterday from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the transfer of employment in the province of poverty alleviation action plan, clear the scope, objectives and tasks of the transfer and employment of poverty alleviation in our province, skills training, encourage the transfer of employment, encourage entrepreneurship three out of 12 good policy shift employment for poverty alleviation.

skills training: training subsidies and standards to determine the

* training subsidies: the employment of labor skills to enhance training subsidies, poor families to participate in labor skills training, in accordance with the relevant policies approved by the implementation of the training subsidy standards. Tibetan 6 states and poverty in the area of the six hills, employment skills training courses and subsidy standards go up by 10%.

enterprise culture direct subsidies, the new enterprise recruitment poverty family labor and signed more than 6 months since the signing of the labor contract, the labor contract within 6 months from the date of the pre job training, giving enterprises occupation training subsidies 600 yuan per person. School enterprise cooperation training subsidies, enterprises take the school enterprisecooperation and work preparation training, training for 1 to 2 years is determined by the price department of the year tuition given companies or training institutions training subsidies for 1 years, 3 years and above 2 years to give subsidies.

– living allowance: poor areas of employment difficulties and Sanjiang source area farmers and herdsmen, during the training period of 20 yuan per person per day living allowance.

– traffic and accommodation subsidies: farmers employment difficulties in poverty-stricken areas and the source region of Sanjiang, in different places to participate in training, according to the city (state) provinces in 300 yuan, 800 yuan per person one-time give foreign transportation and accommodation fee subsidies.

skill appraisal subsidies: to participate in vocational skills appraisal, in accordance with the provisions of the appraisal fee subsidies to achieve effective convergence of training and identification.

employment difficulties during the training of living expenses, transportation and accommodation subsidies in the application of training fee subsidies for synchronization. Among them, the training institutions or enterprises on behalf of the lead by the agency responsible for the employment difficulties of living expenses, transportation and accommodation subsidies paid to individual students. Payment may be taken to the student personal account transfer, or by the students on the spot to sign the way, the transfer of credentials or students to sign the roster as a capital expenditure vouchers for future reference.

encourage transfer of employment: companies and brokers have incentives

– for all kinds of jobs to attract the poor family labor, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance premiums in the labor contract period, giving the enterprise does not exceed 5 years of social security subsidies and 1000 yuan reward.

– on labor-intensive Small and micro businesses in the new recruit poor family labor to the total number of enterprise employees 20% (more than 100 enterprises reached 10% above), and signed a labor contract for more than 1 years, given the highest 2 million yuan loan guarantee business.

to encourage the transfer of poor labor through intermediaries to encourage labor brokers to promote the transfer of employment of poor labor force to promote employment of poor labor. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the service station and base;

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