Financial investment in health care for 1 billion 280 million years

March 10th, reporters from 2014 the city health planning work meeting was informed that in 2013 the city’s medical and health services for all levels of financial investment funds amounted to 1 billion 280 million yuan, for the most over the years, people’s "expensive" problem has been effectively improved.

it is understood that in the past year, the municipal government attaches great importance to health care reform, the deepening of health care reform as a guide to health work, and actively explore, dare to innovate and make new progress. In the province’s first to establish and implement a serious illness medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, emergency medical assistance system and classification of disease diagnosis and treatment system, universal health care system to continue to improve, further enhance the ability to protect. The basic drug coverage and zero rate continued to maintain full coverage of urban and rural areas, community health agencies of non government basic drugs Kuomiangongzuo, steadily push forward the reform of public hospitals in the county, the new operating mechanism of basic medical and health institutions to further improve the "yaobu" mechanism gradually get rid of people’s "expensive" problem to be effective in improving. Health care reform so that urban and rural residents can really enjoy the visible, tangible benefits, by the State Council and the provincial government leadership of the highly valued and fully affirmed. Adhere to the small finances do big people, at all levels of the city’s fiscal health investment funds amounted to 1 billion 280 million yuan, for most of the calendar year. Urban and rural residents to raise the standard of health care financing, workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate reached 99.2%, respectively, 99.6% and 99%; for patients with serious illness insurance, compensation for patients with medical expenses of $84 million 986 thousand. Effectively alleviate the burden of medical treatment of patients with severe illness and difficult families. Implementation of the first hospitalization settlement of the medical service model, launched 21 convenient service measures for the city and the province to provide more secure, effective, convenient and affordable medical services. In the province’s first regional information platform construction, the first in the country to achieve a unified management of basic medical and public health services. In the province to take the lead in the implementation of community health services HIS (hospital information system) system and basic public health information management system docking application.


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