n the thick of the flavor of the people for the work of the new year’s Eve visit to stick to the ru

February plateau cold spring, half wind half snow. Accompanied by a thick flavor of the year, February 21st (New Year’s day) in the morning, the reporter went into the Central Plains of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, 5 kilometers away from the county seat of the North Tibetan township.
in Shuo Bei Zang Zu Xiang Kou Cun Cun Wei Hui, rapeseed, the atmosphere of a busy atmosphere and the Spring Festival seems to some "substandard" — the countryside cadres, village cadres and village committee members of the team nearly ten people in the village committee office busy awfully.

it is reported that from the beginning of February 10th, for a period of 40 days, with the "two two promotion" thousands of cadres as the theme of the activities in the countryside was like a raging fire in Datong County, Pei Village village director in rapeseed of West Ninghai Lake District Management Committee the deep feeling of cadres to the countryside: "as a member of the countryside cadres. So many days down, feel the heavy responsibility, looking at people’s expectation in the eyes, walking in the beautiful countryside construction was so good, we are determined, only the interests of the masses as the primary interest, only what the masses as your own, iron heart dry, no do not matter." Speak, Pei director dark red face Pang full of confidence.

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