South Ring Expressway opened in December 31st around the Xining expressway toll free

South Ring Expressway in October 31st after the left side through the opening of the time has become the focus of public concern.

opening time: December 31st

[]: "according to the adjustment of the regional highway around Xining area standard adjustment plan" provisions, the South G0612 South Ring Expressway interchange to yanggouwan in Si Ying (DOPA) mainline stations, North G6 Beijing Tibet expressway interchange to the Xiakou Si Ying (DOPA) mainline stations, the adjusted total mileage of 100.39 kilometers.

– free of charge and 7 stations on the ramp, Pakistan: DOPA wave, sea lake, Xigang, Chaoyang, rhyme ieguchi toll station, Xiakou etc..


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