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to the age of twenty or so, women’s breasts have been fully developed. In the process of breast development, if there is a case of breast size is not the same, at this time will become symmetrical. If more than sixteen years old, the breast has not developed, we must promptly seek medical treatment.

3, breast duct increased

breast fully developed what is the process? From the beginning to the development of breast development completely, usually after four stages, respectively is the papillary growth, formation, and increase the breast milk development completely. For most women, the age of twenty is exactly the age of breast development. If the age of breast development is relatively late, and even do not develop, it is recommended to timely medical treatment.

was also formed

4, fully developed

1, papillary growth


at the age of ten to eleven years old, began to form the nucleus of breast hyperplasia. At this point, the girl’s breasts have a circular bulge, touch a small nodule, and there will be symptoms of pain,

to about twelve years old, papillary hyperplasia of the breast increases, cause breast tube increased, subcutaneous fat plus more accumulation, make breast more round, bigger and bigger than before a lot of areola.

from the beginning of the development of breast to breast development is a relatively long process, generally takes about ten years, in order to allow the development of women’s breasts completely. Many female friends are interested in the development of the whole process of breast. So, what is the process of complete development of the breast?.

breast development begins with the nipple. Nine years ago, the girl’s breasts have not yet developed. By the age of nine to the age of ten, the nipple began to grow, this time for the early stages of breast development, from the appearance point of view, only a little breast bulge.

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