Three years 530 million – eighteen into the people’s livelihood, scientific development to celebrate

people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood and the people. The matter of the people is a big thing, and the people’s livelihood project is the most important part of this event. With the city of Xining District Finance cake bigger and bigger, more and more people’s livelihood investment. From 2010 to 2012 in 3 years, West District, a total investment of 530 million yuan, do practical things for the masses 54, from the city to the countryside, from employment to retirement, from education to health, people’s livelihood is more fine, the lives of ordinary people over the more sweet.

eighty thousand residents have a family doctor

November 4th, West District Xiguan community health service center family responsibility physician service team is preparing to go out for the masses to carry out medical services. In order to solve the medical problems of the jurisdiction of the masses, West District in the implementation of responsibility system of family doctors, the family doctor, his 88331 residents have jurisdiction, 7 general service team are equipped with electric vehicles and medical equipment, each team is equipped with a family doctor and a nurse, at any time to maneuver out. Home service, active service, will change the past only residents on the hospital, it is difficult to have a doctor to come to the diagnosis and treatment of history.

flat light travel more convenient

the morning of November 5th, in the new Garden Village West District hardening northwest Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Road, Lee was with a small granddaughter leisurely walk. 3 months ago, this road is still a dirt road, sunny one soil, rain, mud, to the surrounding residents to travel a great deal of trouble. In order to improve the surrounding residents travel environment, the west area of the Northwest Village Park Road into the small urban construction project in 2012, the northwest village dirt road to transform the original into a 400 meters long, 8 meters wide, construction area of 3200 square meters of cement road, and the transformation of the drainage, this section of the street and sidewalk the rain and sewage pipe network, etc.. Just west of the city road construction area in recent years the people’s livelihood projects a small project, in recent years, the west area of increasing livelihood investment, the new financial 80% for the livelihood of the people, for the people’s livelihood inputs, each people are visible, tangible.

difficult life of the masses to protect

social security system known as the "regulator" of social development". From January to October this year, the basic medical insurance for urban residents in West District total insured 68792 people, 178 people for the reimbursement of medical expenses 1 million 76 thousand yuan; the basic old-age insurance insurance net increase of 1234 people, 1500 people to complete the objectives and tasks of 83%; the collection of the endowment insurance fee of 97 million 40 thousand yuan, 8271 enterprise retirees timely and full payment of social pension 93 million 364 thousand and 700 yuan. The rate of release and the payment rate reached 100%; the number of NCMS insured up to 18203 people, the insured rate of 98%; 5 million 991 thousand and 300 yuan for medical expenses reimbursement of 1849 people.

on the lives of the masses of the difficulties, the west district has increased the intensity of relief. Only this year from January to September, West District, the city issued for the area of poor people living allowances 9 million 806 thousand and 200 yuan. University of difficulty;

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