Xining City North District Social Welfare Center will start construction

The north area of Xining city

actively seek provincial and municipal fiscal funds, matching funds and social resources, mobilize social forces to be built for use alone Empty Nester, orphaned, abandoned and disabled children and urban three no staff social welfare center.

at present, North over the age of 60 living alone Empty Nester more than 2600 orphans, and in fact no support of 37 people, the population mainly through the family foster care solution, the North District Bureau assumed all their medical and living expenses, an annual investment of more than 30 yuan. 20 staff 22 people, 52 people (50 households in five guarantees centralized support 5 people, 47 people scattered support).

new social welfare center will set the four functions of health care, rehabilitation, education, pension. The plan covers an area of 13000 square meters, planning the construction area of 3500 square meters, the design of a bed of 170, supporting the construction of food, learning, entertainment and fitness facilities. Project total investment of 15 million yuan, of which the district level matching of $3 million for the provincial and municipal special funds of $12 million. Project plans to start construction in 2014, put into operation in 2015.


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