The food workshops and food vendors will be strict

to fill the gaps in the province of small food workshops and food vendors supervision, the implementation of the four most stringent requirements, and effectively protect the safety of the tongue". Qinghai food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) since January 1, 2017 formally implemented.

food safety issues related to public health and safety, is related to the vital interests of the people of an important livelihood. With the revision of the implementation of food safety law, the province in recent years to increase supervision, the overall stability of the province’s food safety situation. But because of the small food workshops and food vendors in small scale, scattered distribution, quantity, production and management conditions are simple, the food safety awareness of employees is weak and other objective factors, increasing the difficulty of monitoring, there are some food safety hazards, become a chain of food safety supervision on the most vulnerable, must be to guide and standardize through local legislation.

it is understood that the "Regulations", a total of six chapters 56, the "Regulations" after the implementation of food workshops made in accordance with the law for the "food workshops permit", be engaged in food production and business activities, to obtain food vendors registration card, no need to apply for business license can be engaged in food business activities.

of the "Regulations" explicitly, food workshops and food vendors shall establish a ledger purchase records, truthfully record the food raw materials and food additives name, specifications, quantity, date of purchase and supplier name, contact, ask for bill purchase vouchers; employees shall each year for health examination and valid health certificates.

in addition, the regulations also established a recall system and the negative list system, as well as reporting incentives and other specific management system, and cited a small food workshops and food vendors to prohibit the production and operation of food directory.

is the "Regulations" to guide the province’s food safety work an important local regulations, the promulgation and implementation, is summed up in the foundation of our province and improve food safety supervision work of past experience, to fill the gaps of food workshops and food vendors supervision, to build a way of thinking and the rule of law safeguard the food safety supervision of defense, to ensure food safety, it has important significance to protect people’s health and safety.


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