West District in the first half of the amount of investment contracts amounted to more than 2 billio

in the first half of this year, the West District of Xining City, the amount of investment contracts amounted to more than 2 billion 100 million yuan.

The West District of Xining city

constantly improve the investment environment, innovation investment, implement the service mechanism, the investment has achieved gratifying results, as of the end of June, the area of investment to achieve 21 contracted projects, the contract amount of 2 billion 101 million yuan. The contract funds billion yuan more than 7 projects, including Vienna district two projects, Yin Jia Zhuang real estate development projects, commercial Lane West area a phase of renovation project, Home Furnishing project, Lido project, Lagerstroemia Bona Plaza renovation project, flourishing Taoyuan projects. Completion of the funds in place 594 million yuan. Among them, more than 50 million yuan of funds in place of the project, involving farming, building materials, warehousing, real estate, catering, leisure, entertainment and other industries. At present, the west area is to further increase the coordination of investment projects tracking service efforts, pay close attention to the funds and projects in the construction work, in-depth research, extensive collection of screening, do next year’s project reserve.


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