Xining municipal government issued a curfew forest botanical garden, the Orchard Park and other scen

this year, Xining has more than 5 forest fire weather rating, highly dangerous. In view of the severe situation of forest fire prevention, the Xining municipal government issued an order of 10 days earlier than previous years. This year the prohibitive period of forest fire from now to April 20th, during the botanical garden, the park has a large area of Huangshui forest scenic implement orchard.

our city from 2010 to implement martial law system. During the year the spring equinox and Qingming, grave worship, outing and farming with fire Yewaiyonghuo increased sharply, the potential danger of the occurrence of major forest fires. In order to ensure no loss of forest resources in our city, our city has issued for three consecutive years in the martial law, in the period of martial law, the full implementation of all forest fire closed, banned all Yewaiyonghuo, nothing to prohibit all vehicles and personnel entering the forest, burning ridge weeds in the forest areas; prohibit smoking, picnic, incense, burn paper, firecrackers, firewood for heating etc..

in the period of martial law, forest fire prevention headquarters member units for the forest fire line uninterrupted supervision and inspection; the city’s forest police every day into the area of emergency duty and patrol inspection; nearly 10000 Rangers care in their respective area of responsibility; the 48 urban road into the mouth all check; the 19 team of professional and semi professional forest fire brigade and emergency fire brigade on standby. (author: small words)

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