Xining police cracked 10 yuan a million dollars a large jade theft case

Xining city police recently in only 10 hours cracked a large jade theft, arrested 2 suspects, more than a million dollars worth of jade to be fully recovered.

Xining City Public Security Bureau police investigators in the city, July 14th 14 am, a total value of jade shop in the city of Xining, the total value of more than 10 pieces of jade stolen. After the incident, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to investigate the city branch. After the task force police officers on site investigation, visit, to determine the jade shop workers working a mu, Yuan Mouyou major crime suspects.

July 14th 19 am, the task force to get clues, Mu and a certain yuan has traveled to Lanzhou by coach. By the Lanzhou police cooperation, 15 pm at the time of the task force in the Lanzhou coach station next to the west side of the hotel will be arrested on the spot, the 2 suspects, and recover all stolen jade article.


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