New ideas and new requirements for employment

* the city government held the city’s employment work will promote Wang Yubo: the county departments in the promotion of employment have to do something to strengthen the employment of industrial enterprises to create employment opportunities

June 14th, the city government held the city’s employment work will promote the analysis of the current situation of the city’s employment, arrangements for further employment. Mayor Wang Yubo on how to do a good job in the city’s current employment requirements. He stressed that the promotion of employment is one of the most important responsibilities of governments at all levels. All districts and counties, departments must be in-depth analysis of the current situation of the current employment situation, the good pulse, identify the position, regular supervision, solid and effective work to promote new achievements in Xining.

it is understood that this year, due to the overall economic development of the environment, the city’s employment work becomes more complex, the total employment pressure and structural contradictions more prominent.

employment contradiction between supply and demand, increasing employment pressure, the employment situation is not optimistic.

listened carefully to the county, the main leaders of the various departments on the employment report, Wang Yubo requirements of the county, all departments in the grasp of employment work to have a new understanding, new ideas, new requirements. He stressed that good employment, employment quality fully stable is the fundamental way to improve people’s livelihood, is an important guarantee to promote social harmony and stability, is an inevitable requirement to improve the function of the city, improve the city livable level, promote Xining to the life of the city, the city of happiness to a solid foundation. The county departments must be combined with the actual Xining, research and analysis of the employment situation, dialectical understanding of favorable conditions and unfavorable factors of good employment, promote the overall development of industries and enterprises, employment, industry, enterprise, strengthen employment and create employment opportunities, promote full employment in strengthen the service quality, promote high quality employment in strengthening education and training, to encourage entrepreneurship and employment on strengthening education and propaganda. He asked all districts and counties to form a number of leaders personally grasp the parties to jointly promote the employment pattern. All districts and counties, departments should be combined with job responsibilities, find space, find a position in the joint promotion of employment must do something. To innovative policies and methods of work, and their work is highly integrated, the implementation of the responsibility of employment, promote employment in the promotion of work, to ensure that the pragmatic employment.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen attended the meeting and made a request for employment. (author: Ge Wenrong a)

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