National Tennis preliminaries ended in the province harvest 4 tickets

April 1st, the Twelfth National Tennis Tournament in Zhejiang in the end of the year in Taizhou, after several days of fierce fighting, the province’s players harvest quite well, got the final ticket of the National Games in the 4 national games.

as the qualifying games, each province should pay special attention to the game, are sent to their team hope to win the veteran soldiers and able captains, tickets, more so, the competition is particularly fierce. In spite of this, our province players in the game showed a strong strength, after second rounds of competition, the athletes in our province, Li Zheng Wang Yan, from the strong opponent to grab the tickets to the National Games men’s singles and women’s singles finals. In doubles, our province contestant Li Zheng / Wang Yilun, Huang Leiting / Ye Junhao is after the second round, with the tacit understanding both the national doubles finals. (author: Zhu Xiquan)


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