4 projects to increase the fun of civic culture

18, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Guangzhou City, there were a total of the city during the fair, a total investment of 168 million yuan of cultural industry projects have landed in Xining. The project has a wealth of public entertainment studios, bookstores, as well as a large antique trading center, etc.. I believe that the completion of these projects will certainly add new fun for the cultural life of the people.

to fair city as a platform, the Municipal Bureau of SMG signed a total of 1000 international film studios, to the bookstore, xiadou, antique jade international and other cultural industries project 4, effectively boosting the city’s prosperity and development of cultural industry. 4 projects are: an area of 5100 square meters, a total investment of 50 million yuan of New Millennium International Film Studios; covers an area of 1500 square meters, a total investment of 50 million yuan to the bookstore; covers an area of 11100 square meters, a total investment of 50 million yuan of xiadou antique Trading Center; covering about 3000 square meters, a total investment of 18 million yuan jade international. These projects cover film, culture, business, leisure, etc., from different aspects of the rich people’s culture, entertainment life.

which has been put into operation in the bookstore will want to create a different, the most beautiful bookstore for the public. To the bookstore is located in Chaoyang Road north of the city of Huicheng District Menyuan people, by 1300 square metres of space, more than 100 thousand books, 200 square meters Cafe area. According to the investment in Qinghai Minhui Industrial Co. Ltd. director Yang Qiuyan, the investment in the construction of such a bookstore, to build the province and the Northwest’s largest reading platform, so as to improve the knowledge structure of the people, enrich the cultural life of the people. Tamie industry since settled in Xining since, in real estate, commercial and other aspects have a certain influence, with the help of this session of the fair city, tamie industry again expand the industrial chain, the investigation has not been a large formal reading bookstore, decided to invest in the construction of the bookstore.

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