Four let the North economic gallop project

in order to speed up the development of industrial clusters, next year, the city will invest 4 billion 60 million of the north area, focusing on the implementation of the top four projects in order to achieve the goal of enriching the people. These four projects are:

– Qinghai products Chaoyang logistics industry cluster construction project: our province was listed as the "Shuangbai" action of key projects, mainly the integration of Chaoyang logistics park resources, Tibetan Plateau largest logistics center construction set of transactions, information, transportation, warehousing, distribution as one, with an area of 222 acres, plans a total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan.

– north area of cultural and Sports Television Service Center project is a comprehensive development in film and television, sports, culture and leisure as one of the projects, the construction area of 5000 square meters, in addition to television transmission, other projects will invite partners to jointly develop, create a unique cultural industry boutique District, the project investment 60 million yuan.

– copper products deep processing project: the total investment is expected to 2 billion yuan, relying on electrolytic copper and other upstream product resources, the construction of copper products deep processing Industrial Park, in order to provide products at home and abroad, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power industry.

metal materials development investment projects: the project plans to invest 500 million yuan, divided into three phases, one phase has been completed, will soon be put into trial production. Main auto parts, gears, bearings and other stringent precision requirements, new technology, high economic value added products. After the production capacity of the project, the annual output value of up to 2 billion. (author: Fang Xu Wang Yang)

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