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2, check

first, both men and women need to take residence booklet and a marriage certificate, identity card to the woman’s domicile registration and application, after the audit is completed and approved by the street family planning, to receive free pre pregnancy check ticket service.

these are the pre inspection process. In general, the pre inspection is a very important item, we must pay attention to, prepare pregnant before they need to check, so as to ensure good fetal development, also can make the baby after the birth of more intelligent and healthy, and avoid the cause of congenital disease.

4, follow up

1, registration application

to prepare pregnant couples, for the health of the baby shoes, must be in before pregnancy to the hospital for examination before pregnancy. In general, the pre inspection required in 3-6 months before pregnancy for both husband and wife to. So what is the pre inspection process? How to avoid mistakes? Here we take a look at

generally, pre pregnancy check to get results faster, after collecting our assessment report, both men and women can accept the advice and guidance of eugenics. If the risk is relatively high friends will share the guidance to avoid, and the general population will be the guidance of eugenics.

the two sides together with the ID card to the designated hospital for free service project inspection. In this process, the examination of the project more, women must avoid menstrual period, the day before dawn must be fasting and water deprivation. The male friends in the first three days before the inspection can not smoke and drink, but also try to quit smoking and drinking, so as to be able to restore fertility to normal.


couples to determine the pregnancy, will be based on family planning services or designated service institutions to carry out early pregnancy and end of pregnancy follow-up services. So, at this time of pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not understand any situation can by telephone consultation, it can also guarantee the prepotency.

3, query results

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