Create a new model of Xining rule of law

In March 27th, the city held the first meeting of the rule of law in Xining construction work leading group, implement the eight plenary session of the thirteen party spirit, summed up the work of rule of law in Xining since the exchange mobilization, arrangements for the next phase of the main task. Su Rongzuo, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee of political science and law committee.

Su Rong pointed out that to further enhance the awareness of the importance of building the rule of law in Xining, the city departments at all levels should really think and action to the municipal Party committee’s decision to deploy. Xining to promote the rule of law, the rule of law in Xining and promote the development of reform and development, national unity and progress in the creation of advanced areas of activities, improve people’s livelihood, strengthen the leadership of the party together. Grasp the focus, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal Party committee, government focus on accelerating the construction of the rule of law, improve the ability of judicial impartiality, strengthen law enforcement supervision, particularly to the prominent position of key parts, key areas and the masses supervision work put on, so that the power in the sun. Efforts to improve the awareness of the rule of law, in accordance with the requirements of multi-level, multi field rule of law to create activities to create a new model of rule of law in Xining. Further clarify the responsibility of the party committees at all levels of the rule of law should be placed on the construction of a very important position in Xining.

Su Rong stressed that due to the occurrence of the city in recent years, some people reacted to big events for the department performance management system is not perfect, standardize law enforcement team construction is not in place, law enforcement officers and civilized law enforcement consciousness, law enforcement methods are simple and crude, law enforcement procedures are not standardized, is directly related to the existence and the law enforcement departments of self construction the problem, we must attach great importance to. Law enforcement departments at all levels must in-depth educational practice, focusing on the "four winds", highlighting the problems in-depth investigation in the construction team, carefully formulate rectification measures, establish and improve the law enforcement personnel management system, law enforcement responsibility system and responsibility investigation system, strengthen the basic work. To problem oriented, dare Jieduan, face the problem, and effectively improve the law enforcement personnel shall perform their duties according to law consciousness, and strive to build a firm conviction, the law enforcement team of law enforcement for the people, dare to play, clean and honest high-quality team, establish a good image, really make people feel warm, trust and rely on.


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