Xining State Taxation Bureau of the first batch of juvenile tax school officially listed

July 5th, Qinghai, Xining, the first batch of junior school tax in the West Street Elementary School, wells Lane elementary school was founded.

it is reported that close cooperation in Xining City, Local Taxation Bureau and the Bureau of education, schools, the establishment of "six" (i.e., a platform in the school hall, a popular class tax tax, a tax on readings, a set of tax propaganda stationery, a tax publicity column, a tax propaganda summer camp) continue to carry out the tax, and tax counseling, auditorium, hand in hand and other forms of activities. The tax law knowledge into the majority of children are familiar with the social life, the knowledge of tax law education into a vivid and intuitive life experience, the formation of the tax authorities, schools, families and society "four in one" tax education mechanism, tax let flowers bloom in the hearts of children.

Xining city through the development of the tax law into the campus activities will be the establishment of a number of "junior school tax" within the city, cultivate a group of responsibility, familiar with the business tax, to regular tax counseling, school counselors, the children in the city tens of thousands of students to accept the knowledge of tax law, consciously become "little tax propagandist" in order to continue to cultivate the children’s sense of patriotism, citizen consciousness, law consciousness, right and obligation consciousness, the consciousness of self protection, develop respect tax, maintenance tax habit, eventually formed a good atmosphere for the integrity of the tax law in the whole society, to build a harmonious relationship between tax levy and payment.


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