The establishment of the first Western sanitation management center

In order to meet the needs of work, city greening and urban environmental sanitation management under the new situation, the establishment of efficient service management mechanism, recently, the city’s first city sanitation management center in the West District of the City Administration Bureau was formally established. For a long time, urban management department management, unclear responsibilities, high cost and low efficiency problems continue to appear. With the deepening of the reform of city management system, west district situation, bold innovation, outstanding reform consciousness and problem oriented, revocation of the original landscaping West District, West District, set up the city sanitation management center. It is reported that the establishment of the West District of the city sanitation management center aims to solve the problems of the city sanitation management responsibilities are not clear, Guan Gan is not divided, the waste of resources, low efficiency, realize the city sanitation management "comprehensive coverage, leaving no long-term management, Changzhi long efficiency" goal. The reform and innovation, to guide and lead the practice of reform, promote the transformation of government functions, reduce administrative cost, improve the level and efficiency of public services, stimulate social and economic vitality, has a very important significance. In the future, West District will actively explore and practice, to introduce the market mechanism as the focus of reform, and gradually realize the sanitation cleaning, urban greening, municipal facilities management job market, socialization, specialization, to create a beautiful and comfortable living environment for the people of the region.  

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