Science and technology to accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries in Qinghai

Sanjiang source of ecological protection, the development of new energy, the transformation of traditional industries to new industries, in many areas of development in our province, science and technology play an important role in recent years, our province science and technology innovation achievement, the province’s provincial finance invested 1 billion 554 million yuan in science and technology, the social capital invested 114 billion 500 million yuan in science and technology, provide a strong support for the ecological protection and the development of new energy industry in our province, especially to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to provide technical support.

Crack Black Beach governance problem

in Sanjiang source of ecological protection, science and technology play a great power, breed Sanjiang source of ecological management of natural grassland species, protection and utilization of Qilian mountain and the new model of grassland degradation remediation technology, clear the "black beach" grassland formation process, broken solution of the source region of Sanjiang "black beach" governance the problem, built the Qinghai Lake basin water resources system dynamics model, put forward the optimization of water resources allocation scheme and the use of technology.

to promote the development of new energy and new materials

in the field of new energy, built the world’s largest 850 MW grid connected photovoltaic power plant Shuiguang complement; built the world’s largest Yushu Qumalai off grid photovoltaic power plant; Delingha 10 MW solar thermal power grid power station successfully. In the field of new materials, a new type of high potential magnesium alloy products, such as research and development, the construction of the mine, ferrosilicon, magnesium to magnesium alloy and a variety of extrusion profiles of the complete industrial chain. Lithium battery upstream and downstream industry chain, sapphire crystal production and other key technology research, developed the domestic advanced lithium batteries, sapphire, electrolytic copper foil and other new materials products. In the field of biological characteristics, the technology of extracting pure Catalpol from Radix Rehmanniae has made a breakthrough, which has laid the foundation for the research and development of a new class of drugs for the treatment of diabetes in our province. The key technologies such as the development of sea buckthorn, Nitraria, Lycium barbarum and other key technologies, such as the development of high purity inulin and oligosaccharides, Cordyceps sinensis fermentation and so on, have been promoted.

provides support for the transformation of traditional industries

focused on the development of key technologies such as the extraction of lithium from high magnesium lithium ratio in Saline Lake brine, the preparation of magnesium hydroxide from magnesium chloride and the preparation of magnesium hydroxide from magnesium oxychloride. To overcome the difficult mining technology for solid potassium and low grade hard solid potassium dissolved transformation technology of potassium efficient use of technology, to achieve the "recycling 1 Chaerhan Saline Lake". The breakthrough of oil and gas seismic exploration technical problems in the Qaidam Basin, the new oil and gas reserves of 2.8 tons in Qinghai oilfield, laid the foundation for the construction of 10 million tons of oil and gas fields. The research and development of 12 kinds of high and new technology products, such as CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe series, CNC roll machine, etc.. "Green heavy card" wheel lathe, heavy horizontal lathe series of domestic market share reached 80%, respectively, 60%. Successfully developed the world’s first 680MN machine extruding die forging and extrusion function, the length of the first in the world of P91 seamless steel pipe, laid the foundation for enhancing China’s large capacity supercritical and ultra supercritical power generation units and equipment level.


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