Three of its primary school students eat five hundred healthy egg milk

September 1st, the provincial capital of the north three of its primary school on the first day of the opening of the egg milk project publicity launch ceremony, the school nearly five hundred students from now on every day to drink healthy milk, eat happy eggs.

"egg milk project" is the "two exemptions and one subsidy" after another major Huimin project implementation, is a more conducive to long-term development of the country’s national revitalization project, is focused on the growth and development of adolescent health, relieve students nutrition collocation unreasonable situation, an important measure to improve adolescent physical quality. This work was listed as the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government is one of the key tangible things project, reflects the government attaches great importance to education, pay attention to people’s livelihood strategy, in order to further improve the rural school district north of the health status of students, from the beginning of the spring semester of 2012, North District in 5 stage of compulsory education in rural primary and middle schools in the implementation of the "egg milk project" pilot. From September 2012 onwards in the region 10 rural primary and secondary schools to implement the full egg milk project". In accordance with the parents take a little, government subsidies, the principle of providing students with a bag of milk, an egg a day for students. During the pilot period, the funds needed for students’ egg milk 2.7 yuan (including 0.2 yuan for egg processing fee and egg milk delivery fee), the government and parents bear egg milk funds ratio of 7 to 3, namely: the district finance bear 1.9 yuan, parents bear 0.8 yuan, in kind (an egg, a bag milk) directly allotted to the hands of students.  

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