Xining pork prices egg price to achieve a soft landing

With the gradual rise in temperature, a large number of local green leafy vegetables, vegetable prices fell slightly in Xining, pork, egg prices have begun to soft landing and mutton prices rose slightly.

– local food prices. Recently, as temperatures rise, a large number of vegetable greenhouse vegetables listed, slightly rape, leek, chrysanthemum, lettuce, green peppers, garlic, price, and other domestic transportation Jiuhuang fine vegetables or larger, resulting in the overall prices of vegetables.

– Lamb prices. Reporters from Roca Bay livestock products wholesale market that, since March, trading volume 1573 tons of beef, mutton trading volume of 979.6 tons, from the monitoring of the market situation, the wholesale price of beef 57 yuan per kilogram, mutton wholesale prices from last month at 50 yuan per kilogram at the end of the month rose to 52 yuan per kilogram.

– pork prices continued to fall. The farmers market, pork prices fell more than during the Spring Festival, it is understood that this is mainly due to Henan since March, Shaanxi, Gansu, Shandong Province, a large number of supply market in our province, and pork consumption into the off-season, the price of pork from the beginning of the month fell to 19 yuan per kilogram per kilogram at the end of the month 16 yuan, a decline is very obvious.

– egg price "soft landing". Although the demand for eggs has increased, but with the gradual warming of the weather, the number of local egg production and egg production increased, the market oversupply, resulting in egg prices continued to fall. In Hualian Supermarket, egg prices fell below 5 yuan / kg, up to 4.8 yuan / kg. According to the analysis, by mid April, our province vegetables, egg prices will continue to decline, beef and mutton prices will rise slightly, pork and other agricultural and livestock products prices remained stable.

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