The number of days of good air quality increase Gan

This year, the Gan River Industrial Park by further strengthening corporate environmental supervision, strengthen pollution control and online monitoring, monitoring efforts, 1-11 months, the number of days of good air park than the same period last year increased by 137 days, excellent rate reached 58%. At present, the Gan River Industrial Park has settled 59 industrial enterprises, including the eastern 43, the normal production of 30, under construction or built 9, a total of 207 sets of pollution control facilities put into use. This year, the park environmental protection departments to further strengthen the supervision of environmental protection work, in-depth on-site inspection of more than 869 times, a total of 1432 people dispatched personnel. Has investigated and dealt with industrial enterprises of all kinds of environmental violations 38 onwards, through investigation, a strong blow to the environmental violations. At the same time, the park early identified 68 pollution control projects, including "wading" governance project 3, a total investment of 39 million 500 thousand yuan; 65 air pollution control projects, pollution control facilities only upgrade the construction of 39, investment of 61 million 850 thousand yuan. There are 17 slag yard construction projects, investment of 23 million 590 thousand yuan; the construction of the project for the construction of the vehicle cleaning platform, the investment of $370 thousand; the 3 "coal to gas" project, investment of 6 million 900 thousand yuan; other governance projects of the investment of $4, 1 million 878 thousand. Currently has completed 64 pollution control projects, a total investment of 109 million yuan, the completion rate of up to 94%. In order to further increase the online monitoring efforts, and effectively improve the effectiveness of online monitoring facilities operation and maintenance of audit records, urging the Yellow River Xinye Co. Ltd. and other 7 companies installed 17 sets of on-line monitoring facilities and 10 sets of video surveillance. 13 companies have installed water, gas online monitoring facilities 43 (sets), the 10 companies to install the global eye video device 18, and the park is the focus of pollution sources online monitoring platform networking and normal operation.  

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