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of breast fibroadenoma malignant sarcomas by changing as many, and canceration is rare. Most scholars believe that the occurrence of breast cancer is not associated with breast fibroadenoma; also some scholars believe that when patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands and fibroadenoma with, increase the risk of cancer; some scholars have pointed out that, postmenopausal women have fibroadenoma, then the cancer tendency to increase.

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therefore, generally speaking, if you have breast fibroadenoma, need not be too nervous, especially young women aged 20 years, it is not necessary for fibroadenoma and distress, only observed in the clinician’s control, if the doctor thinks necessary, medication therapy can be a period of time; if the recent discovery of adenomas grow that can be elective surgery; if for pregnancy, may be considered in pregnancy before the surgery.

breast fibroadenoma had few malignant, but clinical treatment, should be vigilant, especially for those age of onset in 35 years, and the mass in the 2cm above, the principle should be surgical resection.

generally, the probability of canceration of breast fibroadenoma is very low, only about 0.2% cases of canceration. Malignancy is often in pregnancy and lactation, or in older age, longer duration of disease cases.

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