Xining forest coverage rate of 32% per capita park area of 12 square meters

As of this year, Xining City, the forest coverage rate of 32%, built-up area green coverage rate reached 40%, per capita green area of 12 square meters, the city an important water source, the forest coverage rate reached 85.06%, the waterfront greening rate of 93.02%, greening rate of 91.4%, the initial formation of the city in the forest floor in the tree and in the green forest, forest, road water dependent embedded "eco city pattern.

closely around the "ecological province" strategy, with the construction of "beautiful Xining" as the goal, to create a national forest city as the starting point, Xining city in recent years based on the urban riverfront, with mountains, the natural ecological characteristics of Sichuan, vigorously implement the forestry ecological engineering, urban landscaping, theme park, Nanshan, green barrier the airport along the highway landscape renovation, quadrilateral green, the (National) wetland park and other key projects, to achieve double growth in quantity and quality of forest resources. Has built 203 voluntary tree planting base, voluntary tree planting rate of up to 95.42%. Key projects completed 1 million 105 thousand acres of reforestation, afforestation 636 thousand and 400 acres, 350 villages to achieve green landscaping.

once out of order Beishan feet, built a beautiful garden of 6000 acres of Xining Beishan permanent green space, built the airport expressway 32 kilometers along the green corridor. In order to reproduce the historical and cultural and natural landscape of the 9 theme parks built and free. Implementation of the three rivers and six banks comprehensive management and green construction, the formation of a hundred miles of urban ecological landscape belt.

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