The first thing you should do

entrepreneurship is not to say that the creation of a business, there is a process of preparation, there is an early experience, then in the early stages of the preparation process, entrepreneurs should do?

two, see if you have much money: if you can’t start a business without capital. Determine what you have, you will be what you need and how to get what you need in the future. If you’re looking for investors or to bank financing, then start writing a business plan and continue polishing processing. Investigate the number of expenses associated with your entrepreneurial activities. Be clear about how much money you need and how you can get the money.

three, hire a good lawyer: you don’t need to hire a lawyer deposit, but you will need to hire an attorney experienced to help your company start. Your lawyer can help you develop a contract, review your lease contract, and help you determine the right business structure. Hedgerow Acquisitions, a senior partner at Mergers Chris, said: "a good lawyer knows what you’re doing and will help you organize your business structure to make it useful for your development. "The best way to get a good lawyer is through referrals or networks.

four, hire a good accounting: accounting will assist your lawyer to help you the best form of ownership. He can help you build for you can track books and other records. What’s more, a good accountant will help you plan your tax plan. "You also need an accountant who knows the laws of the state," says Chris. "There are some small differences in every state, such as business tax." He added: "it’s important for your accountant to be familiar with the risks at the start of the business."

five, determine the enterprise structure: your choices include sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S" company or limited liability company (LLC). Personal duties, taxes, and regulatory instruments are different because of the different structure of enterprises. Your lawyer and accountant will play an important role in making this important decision.

six, to determine the name of the company: this seems to be simple and clear, but the name is.

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