The choice of business duckbill fish breeding high prices benefit risk is high

we’ve eaten duck, fish all certainly is not strange, but we ate duck fish? Is it a fish or a duck? Is actually a mouth looks like a duck fish, its nutritional value is very high, many people want to eat the delicacy, below about the entrepreneurial breeding duckbill fish can have what benefits do a simple analysis.

Wangcai boast in Hangzhou special fish industry, 42 year old Wang Guan method is advanced. 1994 in Guangzhou, special fish farming has just flourished. "People are looking at raising money, then take one point eight to back to Hangzhou to try catfish fingerlings." Because of the special fish in Hangzhou is still a rarity, eight of the market is expected to rise to catfish, the surrounding farmers see have come to consult. From the beginning of the introduction of help, the law did not expect, this test will try to become a full-time "big fish"".

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