Network sales QQ send offline file method

this may not be a new method, we all know that QQ has a function to send files, but send offline file this new feature is the most useful network marketing tool. This time we’ll talk about how to use QQ to send offline files to improve your sales performance.

do network sales, the most important thing is through the network, collect the target customer contact information, collect customer data generally have the following several common methods:

1, manual collection, this method is of low efficiency, but do it tiring, the data collected are in reality.

2, the use of software to collect, this method is of high efficiency, there are also many online free data acquisition software, I used is the locomotive collector, as long as the learned software, collecting customer data on the matter to it.

3, the target user groups to buy corporate information, there are a lot of people on the Internet to sell these materials. What is the relationship between the collection of the data and the "send offline files"? In fact, for the novice or general network sales, the first two methods are the most commonly used, the problem is here.

the first method can accurately collect the target customer’s phone, cell phone, e-mail, QQ and other detailed information.

Second methods of

are able to collect telephone, mobile phone, QQ, but it is difficult to collect the mail, because many sites are not open to display the user registered mail, a display all image formats, acquisition software can also collect and download pictures, but finally to move his hand copied down the email address. Almost and manual collection, but the accuracy is less than the first method.

collected a lot of target customer information, then send the file offline "function to display skills to the full. Generally can be collected on the Internet to QQ, plus friends are not required to verify that the customer is the first step to add friends, add friends, you can communicate directly with customers. But with QQ now or you are not online, or online customers but not at the computer, you send information to each other for a long time past, may not return, or every time a word will have to wait a long time, so what do you do, don’t be silly to sit in front of the computer at a QQ chat window.

According to the single to take Commission,

sales network Oh, waiting is not selling products, we have to take the initiative, you can now put the relevant documents ready for product information, preferential discounts information, selling products information to the customer, if the other party does not immediately receive, or is not online you can use QQ to send offline files "function, ha ha, file upload to the server, usually for 7 days, as long as the other side of each landing QQ, you will see the" download the document "prompt, until the other received you send the document that will disappear. Strong, according to my experience, you send the document, the other party will not be rejected, hehe. If the other party does not receive the message you sent

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