Jiaxing municipal government issued a new document to guide the employment of entrepreneurship in 20

new year January, all over the country have issued documents to guide the direction of government work in 2016. Recently, Jiaxing has also issued a document on the employment aspects of entrepreneurship, support for a comprehensive upgrade of the public entrepreneurship, promote employment development.

"focus groups" key support for

in the policy, first proposed the key groups of entrepreneurial support, involving college students and graduates within 5 years of college graduates, and more than half of eligible registered unemployed personnel, employment difficulties, retired soldiers, the disabled etc..

and focused group of entrepreneurial support, a variety of "welfare" can be described as unprecedented. Not only is real money invested, and focus on entrepreneurship, on the platform and services support various aspects of favorable policies.

Focus groups and

, "national entrepreneurship training certificate" students engaged in self-employed (national restrictions industries), for the first time since the registration date, according to the provisions of relief registration and license management, such as administrative fees. The establishment of individual industrial and commercial households or enterprises, and the normal operation of social insurance premiums in accordance with the law for more than 1 years, giving a one-time venture capital subsidy of $5000 (including college graduates increased to 10 thousand yuan).

comprehensive upgrade of entrepreneurship policyCompared to

and that of "piecemeal" business policy, this new policy is more comprehensive system, not only on the previous relevant policies were integrated in the recommended

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