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imagine, when the metal spring bed encountered electromagnetic radiation wave will have what kind of "chemical reaction"?

left phenomenon caused concern

, scientists did not find the mattress to be one of the killers. It is only in the study of the science of a strange "left side" of the study, the occasional discovery of hidden secrets hidden mattress. You want to stay healthy, the metal material in the spring bed for all non metal material, or make the room such as a television or radio signal transmission most likely to accept the furniture completely away from you, even sleeping mats traditional.

so researchers began to study the habits of the Japanese, there is an important phenomenon caused the attention of researchers. They found a place to sleep, Japanese and other countries are obviously different: for example, Japanese mattresses are usually laid directly on the floor of the room, unlike most of the world will spring mattress on the bed frame.

this phenomenon has attracted much attention from the Swedish researchers Herbert and Johannsen in the recent "pathophysiology" magazine agree with this point of view, in addition, they also said that the causes of these two types of cancer is far from what people think is simple, actually there are a lot of contact with our daily sleep habits.

changed the subject to the other side, in 2007 the Swedish study has pointed out that living in the possibility of being people in the area covering FM and TV transmission tower for melanoma was significantly higher than in other places. Epidemiologists also said that FM and TV transmission of electromagnetic radiation will weaken the immune system, thereby increasing the incidence rate of cancer.

so, what is the reason for the increased incidence of this type of cancer? A clue from Japan caught everyone’s attention.

At the beginning of the

called the "left" phenomenon refers to people of the probability of the left side of the body of cancer was significantly higher than that of the right, such as the risk of breast cancer is higher than that of the left side of the chest on the right side of the 10%, the body of melanoma risk is also higher than the left side.

so, the relationship between the furniture and cancer in the room also surfaced.

scientists after research

has pointed out that frequent exposure to the sun can increase the risk of melanoma, but scientists have observed that the intensity of the sun has not changed over the last 30 years. More importantly, the growth of melanoma is often a part of the hip, thigh and torso, which are covered by clothing and are not likely to be exposed to the sun.

in Japan, the incidence of breast cancer is significantly lower than that in western countries, accounting for only 3% of Sweden, the incidence of prostate cancer is only the United States and the United Kingdom of the 10%, and there is no obvious left".

has seen a steady rise in the incidence of breast cancer and melanoma in the past 30 years, but the medical profession is still not clear about the causes of these two types of cancer.

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