The comic Dean died China important figures of contemporary art history

comic Dean died the news, let the people in the art world is very sorry, had nearly a piece of amazing comics, brings people is a visual feast, now let’s read the future artists old man!


was the creation of "Shan changes", "Li Shuangshuang", "Xiao erhei marriage" and other comic master he Mr. 7:30 tonight at the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital died at the age of 94. According to family members, he is old in the morning his noodles, near noon, he shock in the bathroom, sent to the hospital in Ruijin, once had improved, but began vomiting blood in the evening, finally died.

China in contemporary art history, he can not bypass the name. He is a has milepost sense masterpiece created in 1960s’s comic book "Shan changes". At that time, he’s comic books, Qi Baishi’s political reform, Lin Fengmian and Dan Miao, Pan Tianshou’s literati painting variant, Qianyu dance sketches, Huang Yongyu "Ashima" Li Keran’s prints, sketches of the Yangtze River, art tide, vibration, wake up and the impact of the China generation art people eyes, hand, heart.

and about his artistic career, Heyou said: "if there is no press creation stage, if there are no people around to help guide, completely on my own struggle will not come out."

1952, he attended Shanghai comic worker class, after graduation was assigned into the new fine arts publishing house, later incorporated into the United States agency. He entered the press work, working is 30 years until retirement.

"Shan changes" is called Chinese comic history "milepost". But he thinks: "this evaluation is not at all, but this work is really a turning point, I work on the road through it, I summed up many questions and thinking."

1959, Shanghai United States Agency sent he to draw works reflect the agricultural collectivization in rural "Shan changes". He is no stranger to the rural life, "Shan changes" fresh and delicate tone, humorous characters, and it is quite close to his character, interest. After receiving the task, Liu went to Hunan, the next life".

the countryside life very inconvenient. A few months, in addition to the bed, potty without outside, bedding, washbasin, hot water bottle, flashlight, towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, paper and ink and wash clothes, recommended

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