Graduates job offer three categories of people can receive subsidies

entrepreneurship subsidies for college students to start a business is the most practical help in Quanzhou graduates job seeking to obtain subsidies are required to be able to get subsidies are divided into three categories, as follows:

"Circular" pointed out that the year of graduation employment intention and actively undertaking the following job full-time college graduates and technical college senior workers, prepare technician class graduates and special education college graduates occupation education, can apply for a one-time job subsidy industry: one is the graduates subsistence family of urban and rural residents, two disabled graduates, three graduates has been the national student loans.

"notice" clearly, after graduation to continue their studies abroad, and no graduates employment aspirations, not included in the object subsidies, job subsidies each person can only apply for a business, not repeat enjoy. The granting of subsidies to voluntary, open and fair, the principle of territorial management, earmarking. Qualified graduates can apply to the local department in March 31st before the college graduates employment work.

have double nature entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs need to venture this road is not easy, want to be successful in addition to their own efforts, can also help, now entrepreneurship policy support has a lot easier.



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