Discussion on how to set up the current university entrepreneurship education curriculum

university courses for entrepreneurship education did not attach great importance to the content of the chaotic teaching. With the increasing demand for innovative talents in the society, the Ministry of education has made an instruction to require the universities to carry out the special entrepreneurship education courses. This gives the university tutors a problem.


"it does not increase the academic burden situation, I support the entrepreneurship class. However, the business is down to earth to dry out, listen to a few classes, do a few sets of questions I’m afraid it is not effective." Shanxi University junior Liu Liang (a pseudonym) out of their own concerns about the effectiveness of entrepreneurship teaching.

in Tianjin Foreign Language University director of center for innovation in international business school Li Mingliang, opened entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation, is the national development strategy of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as soon as possible to make immediate response rooting germination in the field of higher education.

"entrepreneurs in the popularization of present college students become the possibility of innovation and entrepreneurship increased significantly, therefore, it is necessary to set up the innovation and entrepreneurship courses in Colleges and universities." Dean of Business School of Nankai University, director of entrepreneurship research center, said Zhang Yuli.

the entrepreneurship course, cultivating the ability of

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