Kunshan promulgated the implementation details of entrepreneurship subsidies

in order to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, and now all over the country are constantly introduced a variety of preferential policies to provide more subsidies, so as to meet the entrepreneurial dreams of more investors. The city of Kunshan has also issued a detailed rules for the implementation of entrepreneurship subsidies, local entrepreneurship development has a great push.

not only entrepreneurship subsidies to promote the employment of a specific group of subsidies, and settled in the business incubator base rent subsidies. Reporters learned from the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the implementation of the rules of Kunshan venture subsidies, the official introduction of a number of entrepreneurial red envelopes to the public waving.

it is understood that the subsidy project based on the retention of the original one-time start-up subsidies, entrepreneurial rent subsidies, the new venture to promote employment subsidies, training subsidies and incubation incubation subsidies, other support subsidy policy is still in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Detailed rules for the implementation of the provisions of the

venture subsidies, where in January 1, 2015 in Kunshan City, within the scope of business license, pay taxes according to law and in the 3 years since the opening of the business entity, the city residence of recruiting college graduates and employment difficulties, and with the signing of labor contracts for more than 1 years and 1 years to pay social insurance according to the actual, can according to each new LED 1 people in employment, a one-time $3000 worth of entrepreneurship to employment subsidies, 3 year cumulative enjoy a maximum subsidy of 100 thousand yuan.

of business incubators identified by social sectors for business entities, entrepreneurs to provide business guidance and training, and provide business guidance and training business entities, entrepreneurs can meet the actual demand, and with the exemplary and leading role of the incubator can give training subsidies in accordance with the business guidance and training fees of 30%-50%, single the highest total subsidy of not more than 5000 yuan.

Business incubator

, after January 1, 2015 in the business incubator in registration and more than 6 months, stationed in the incubator incubator success entity, according to the actual hatching success of the number of enterprises, give each incubation subsidy according to the standard of 10 thousand yuan. To expand the benefit side, the first venture subsidies canceled business rental subsidies to the household registration restrictions, where after January 1, 2016 stationed in business incubator and registered at the base of the registration entity may apply for rent subsidies for entrepreneurial venture.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation has become the new engine of Kunshan economy. Kunshan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social organizations to actively promote entrepreneurship, Konyama Chise Creative Industrial Park was successfully established as a demonstration base for the provincial entrepreneurship, access to a one-time lump sum subsidy funds 600 thousand yuan. The city has set up a business incubator base 24, of which Suzhou City, Jiangsu, the demonstration level of the province’s 1, a total of enterprises settled in business incubator base of 1666, driven by the number of people employed by 9293 people.

in addition, the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social recommendation

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