Quanzhou how to inventory

prices continue to rise in the process, resulting in a lot of people directly increase the purchase pressure. In the face of high prices, even if it is eager to buy a house, but also powerless. Recently, the municipal government issued the "Implementation Opinions on resolving real estate inventory" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly by improving the collection items of monetary settlement ratio, through commercial housing and public rental housing transfer channel and a number of initiatives, to resolve the Quanzhou City real estate inventory. So, how to Quanzhou inventory? What preferential policies are given to those who buy a house?

the "opinions" requirements, counties (cities and districts) government in accordance with the "one county, one policy, a policy principle, in August 30, 2016 before the development of a more practical proposals for.

to improve the proportion of the collection of monetary resettlement project

improve the collection project of monetary settlement ratio is mainly to have not levied resettlement projects and new collection items (including city reconstruction) vigorously promote the monetized resettlement, the studio to change the project and the housing levy resettlement of the currency proportion principle of not less than 70%. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the monetary compensation incentives, to increase the collection of people to buy their own homes to support efforts and credit support.

commercial housing and public rental conversion channels open up

how to open up commercial housing and public rental conversion channels? "Opinions" clear, in principle, no longer new public rental, through the acquisition or long-term lease of commercial housing as a public rental. Through the "spring real communication" platform, guide the real estate enterprises, resettlement housing construction units and the sale of the intention of the resettlement housing resettlement households to provide unified service platform for registration of housing, who is charged to the service platform independent buy commercial housing, resettlement housing for resettlement housing for sale, realize the expropriated housing resettlement.

offers many offers for homebuyers

the "opinions" provide many benefits for buyers, including deed tax adjustment of real estate transactions and value-added tax, expanding the coverage of provident fund, appropriate financial subsidies, as well as farmers and migrant children can purchase dicing etc..

real estate enterprises to reduce the burden of

in addition, the real estate enterprises have the "welfare", the relevant departments will promote the use of commercial housing sales, office, as a residential use commercial office utilities with real reference standard of civil delivery, reduce the cost of life; to promote the real estate industry transformation and upgrading, encourage the development of the construction and purchase of commodity housing and refined decoration. The requirements of commercial banks to increase support for refined decoration projects and the purchase of real estate enterprises’ credit; reduce the burden on enterprises, such as adjusting the residential special maintenance funds pay point; promote the conditions recommended tablets

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