How to enhance the brand image

rapid economic development, and now all walks of life are facing competitive pressures, investors who want to invest in lingerie stores, want to improve the store business effect, it is necessary to make some changes to their shops. The first is how to their underwear store to change the brand image, and analysis the following case:

a store, according to the size and the specific environment, we need to operate the brand according to decorate the facade, generally speaking, the brand image of the franchise is very strict, especially the head symbol and color combination. So some people say that since the brand image is fixed, immutable, then the image of the business breakthrough possible?

look at a case, we all know that underwear store brand ten seven or eight of the red or pink tone color combinations, whether red or red or purple or pink or pink or, in fact, for consumers, this is like a red coat, it is worn out. Just put on the outside, we see AVON, he is in a different position, the door is a different color, but the shape of the marks is consistent. Underwear can also be so, as a symbol, it is the main body of the shape of the difference, but the color here we study as the object of study. Mentioned above, different positions, different shops surrounding environment, determines each store his color sensitivity is not the same, the shop in the mall, it is necessary to consider the surrounding clothing shop door, in the street, to see the next several shop door color and image, how to make their own shops the image of jump out, this is what we consider.

A sign of

, his color combinations usually have several options, this is in order to apply when you can adapt to different environments, if the design itself is not store business applications, it is very wasteful. At present, the vast majority of lingerie stores brand manufacturers and businesses do not have a good application of this concept. Therefore, small shops are piled up in a lot of Aoli I red clothing unremarkable, pink underwear shop so buried in the middle of a row of the barber shop, a poor foil; such examples too numerous to mention, in fact, as long as deep to grasp the concept of brand, this embarrassment can be solved.

look at the image of the underwear store inside the store portfolio. Many businesses pay attention to warm store environment, warm the product with a warm atmosphere, full of that customers will love this kind of environment, so many customers at the door to see the shop, that is a certain brand, but once walked into the store, the difference that brand was all gone, remember, is not the customer can not remember the brand, but the manufacturers themselves never let customers remember your underwear store brand image.

stereotyped, really the layout of the environment is the same in most lingerie shop. We can use the logo as well

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