Small lattice shop can make big money

only a small lattice, the operating area is really very small, but as long as a good business, choose a good project, we can help investors easily create a wealth of business. The following small series to introduce to you a few small lattice shop, to achieve entrepreneurial dream of making big money case!

8 square meters of shops, the boss was separated out of dozens of lattice shops. The white-collar monthly only need to spend hundreds of dollars, they can rent a shop which sold all kinds of goods. Shops on the daily care of full-time salesperson, without the need to worry about.

white collar: selling cross stitch earning thousands

in April this year, Miss Lin spent 150 yuan to rent a berth, the hoarding has long cross stitch display be arranged on the shelves. The effect was surprisingly good, the first month actually sold more than and 500 pieces." Miss Lin told reporters that the buyers are mostly female students, because of her goods variety, novel style, the price is lower than the market price of a lot, the accumulation of a large number of repeat customers, many people also come from Minhang and other places to buy more. "At present, store monthly sales remained at about 600, the removal of rent, the monthly profit is 1000 yuan, I finally tasted the sweetness of entrepreneurship." Miss Lin said.

most store is near the University and high school female students. Xiao Wang is a freshman at East China Normal University, she picked up a pair of Pink Earrings told reporters, the same commodity market price at least 30 yuan, can only sell 18 yuan in the grid, cheap nearly half, this is for the beauty and shy in the bag, very attractive.

in addition to cheap, some of the creative products have great originality also makes buyers have a special liking. "Recently, 60 yuan a fire special DIY Kung Fu Panda cartoon doll sold." Customer Geng told reporters that these.

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