Bottleneck of nternet enterprise development

to establish an entrepreneurial enterprise, the need to pay attention to all aspects of a lot of talent, capital, policies are related to the development of enterprises. Correct pulse current development of the field of entrepreneurship, the young entrepreneurs grow very helpful.

"Wenzhou Internet enterprises to achieve a certain scale, enterprise employees around 100 people, mostly encounter bottleneck. Either expansion is difficult, or move headquarters." Zou Jianfeng said that part of the bottleneck is talent and financing. In terms of talents, the Alibaba has tens of thousands of workers, Netdragon technology has more than 5000 employees, 91 have more than 1000 employees in Wenzhou science and technology talent shortage. Now IT, a bit like labor-intensive enterprises, talent is more difficult to meet.

"financing, a few years ago Wenzhou enterprises still rely more on private lending. Private lending vulnerable to the impact of the overall economic situation, the pressure on the enterprise is relatively large, the Internet economy is better in the region, most of the use of direct financing to the shares for investment." Zou Jianfeng said, in the last year, Chang read technology obtained Fuchun communications A round of financing 20 million yuan.

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