The beauty salon shop location techniques three strategies to teach you choose gold treasure

no matter what business to do, where to shop is the primary problem faced by entrepreneurs. Many friends want to open a beauty salon, but do not know how to site. So, beauty shop location what skills? Today Xiaobian for everyone to support a few strokes, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

now popular argument is "scientific location", once a popular science shop location, and often do you admire very much, common practice is: a person holding a stopwatch to stand on the street to calculate the flow of people; engage in a huge map in the above description of pictures; two person days take a book stand in the street a few heads, calculate the flow of people; or make a complicated computation scoring system, and then determine the 500 meters in a large shopping mall points, 300 meters have an open-air market reduction…… So, this is not the only one.

1, the city location selection

1.1      bustling business district, close to the famous shopping malls, or with shopping malls in the same building;

1.2      relatively large flow of business areas and a good commercial facilities;

1.3      high population density, large number of high-grade residential or multi-functional community.

in this direction, you should select at least three, and recorded. Pay attention to the type of housing, office buildings, street shops, shopping malls, high-grade apartments Deshang high-grade apartments for the target (as you selected housing can not conduct business registration, please consult the local administrative department of industry and Commerce).

2, candidate location objective evaluation

This is the second step


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