ntends to open a tea shop friends look at it

a lot of people have the intention to do business, milk tea to join the project is everyone’s attention. Now tea is a lot of young people like casual drinks, a vast market space and a huge crowd of people also have to invest in the beginning of the investment, to join the tea shop to pay attention to what issues? Let’s take a look.

then the best time to get some other nearby franchisee address, look at the past authenticity, also can see their sales. The third is to understand whether the brand is suitable for their own to join, to understand whether to join their funding is reasonable, whether in line with their positioning needs. To know whether their pre-sale and after-sales service.

understanding after they go there to see the franchisee to verify, is not just the promise of good pre-sales, customer service can not keep up. Fourth is to choose a few to join the brand, price, service comparison, choose the most suitable for their own. The last point is a detail of the place, can be used to test this brand is not to take seriously its franchisees, that is the store location, store location if not hard, then the franchise contract with the only care about you, don’t care about your future business. If the location doesn’t care to join the brand, then consider a change.

to open a tea shop, pay attention to these problems is very necessary. Do a good job in every aspect of the preparatory work, in order to easily shop. The above is to open a tea shop to pay attention to the skills, I hope to help friends who want to join the tea shop.


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