Do not treat customers as outsiders

now a lot of the boundaries between the owner and the customer is very clear division, the customer is the owner of the name of a veritable outsider. So, what is the customer? Many people would say, "the customer is god"! But do we really let our customers experience the feeling of being "God"?

most of the time, we don’t take customers seriously. Therefore, let the customer come happy, lost. To open a good shop, do business, do not regard the customer as an outsider, to treat them as friends, relatives, their things as their own thing, so as to do business.

put yourself in for the sake of customers, but also a process of care. Once, I went to a restaurant for dinner, dinner, because the reservation is a table, 8 individual results, also waiter laid for 8 after the tableware, as a supplier with a driver, I will ask the waiter to put on a temporary side. The waiter said, wait a minute, I was busy, and after a while, I saw the waiter again, she said, just behind you in the cupboard, you get it, the lobby of the guest to call me! No way, I had to get up and get a pair, after that, I have never been to that restaurant.

once, in another restaurant, also encountered a similar situation, I asked the waiter, the waiter hurried over to apologize, feel shy, we are careless, I now will help you put a put, also said, sorry, we are careless to trouble you. You see, it’s so much more comfortable. Come back later, yes. We shop so, do long-term business, not a hammer trading.

I am a laid-off workers, with the help of relatives and friends, before opening such a retail store. As a result of re employment, I cherish this opportunity, this is my whole career. I have always had this idea: we are open, one hand is convenient for people to buy things, on the one hand will have their job to do, put the customer as one of their own, we can obtain the development shop. So, I think of the retail store as a resident around the transfer station". If you need to send a bucket of pure water, tank gas, busy no one at home to work, to tell, on the shop on the line, the package must not bother you.

actually, really, this is nothing I do, but idle is idle, do something for everyone, everyone will remember your good, some newspaper letters, most of them are directly delivered to me transfer. Those young people are busy working for them to do something, it should be, when the business is not busy, I will send these letters to their home.

customers as relatives, friends, I have been adhering to the business purpose. The children in the village school, adults do not work the door locked, here is the best "base" idle, in addition to the counseling >

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