Grassroots education by virtue of online ushered in the spring of wealth

many people are very interested in the education industry, but this line is not so easy to enter. Preferred to have a good idea, a good project to be rich without worry. Xing Shuai education is the leading brand in the current education industry, and its founder also started from the grassroots.

"80" Xing Shuai college student in Yunnan a college computer professional. He felt that he had dropped out of his sophomore year in his sophomore year, which he felt was "less professional.". Xing Shuai was born in rural areas, the traditional concept of parents, the move to quit the family was angry. After a few years, Xing Shuai rely on self-learning graphic design technology, and then take some fragmented design work to make a living.

gradually, Xing Shuai found with his similar grassroots group is very large. Many college graduates in rural areas to the city but it is difficult to find a good job to base. For the purpose of helping the group, with promising online education market,   2008, Xing Shuai germination of the online teaching idea, "I can see the future of online education market, I think this is I can make a change in the field." At that time, the market of software technology is still blank.

2009 years, an accidental opportunity, there are students recommended to Xing Shuai YY voice. YY voice tool can accommodate 10 thousand people online at the same time, with excellent stability. After trying to find a viable Xing Xing, then transferred to the teaching position of the YY voice channel. This allows a smooth realization of Xing Shuai also formed a multidisciplinary teaching channel, used since the YY+QQ group combined operation model. At that time, the number of users of YY voice reached a fairly high level, but the main groups or gamers and entertainment players. Xing Shuai to education for the content of the settlement is very alternative". < / recommendation

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