A mouse makes great achievements

who did not expect, a little mouse can also be a great achievement, a big story! The following small for everyone to bring the wealth of media giant Disney Story, see that it’s fantastic success story!

in Disney make full use of imagination, creating a lively and lovely MickeyMouse. Arrogant, mischievous and eager to solve the problem of Mickey Mouse became a symbol of the spirit of the great depression.

1923, Disney and his brother Ron set aside $3200 to start a new venture, set up the Disney Brothers animation company, which is the real start of today’s Disney entertainment empire. In 1929-1932, about 1000000 American children joined the Mickey Mouse Club, which brought great joy to American children during the depression.

1934, Disney’s fairy tale "Snow White" adapted into animated film. At that time, almost everyone was against him, because it would cost $500 thousand, which was an astronomical figure! Walter has hired more than 300 artists to help him with the impossible mission". In December 21, 1937, "Snow White" came out, brought to Voight is a well-known cartoon characters and 10 times the rate of return on investment.

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