Computer genius spend 48 yuan to build pornographic websites earn at least $28 sentenced to 3 years



Peninsula Metropolis Daily News April 25th (reporter correspondent Huang Yingshuai Lu Haiqing) 24 year old man surnamed Wang is a computer genius, however, this gift is in the wrong place because he built pornographic websites, he was arrested and the public security organs. 25, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wang guilty of online dissemination of pornographic materials profit crime, according to law will be sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison.

at the beginning of March this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment found in the work, a "yellow passion towards the community" pornographic websites to attract Internet users click the way for profit, maintenance of the site in the Huangdao area. After the discovery of this situation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the organization of elite forces in conjunction with the Huangdao branch of the police network to conduct an investigation of the incident.

police through technical means after careful investigation, eventually found that the maintenance of the website are likely to rent in the District of Huangdao Chahe village a rented room. But there are 5 migrant workers in the rented room, in order to determine who is the suspect, the police through the investigation, eventually locked the king has a major suspect in this 5 people. The afternoon of March 22nd, police in Huangdao area are Internet cafes will shun Wang captured the suspect.

after the examination, the suspect Wang confessed since 2011 since July, through the establishment of pornographic websites "yellow passion towards the community" and the customers "yellow in navigation" to attract Internet users click to earn advertising advertising crimes. After identification, the yellow passion community website contains more than 5900 pictures, more than 900 novels, more than 130 video files are obscene.

at present, the suspect Wang has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

In the case of

screened 5900 pornographic pictures suspect eventually bow Renzhang

Wang is a person in Jiaozhou, his parents died when he was a child, he lived with his parents, junior high school on the computer, the computer has a special liking. In 2007, he was admitted to an undergraduate school in Linyi, learning computer network engineering, but after two years to go home, his own research computer technology at home. In June 2011, because the credit is not enough, he could not get a diploma, only graduated from school.


, he came to Huangdao to do the packers in a factory, but after work, he is still in the research of the computer technology, and add some hacker QQ group, as well as some pornographic websites and forums and QQ group founded. In these groups, he bought a large number of hacking techniques, and learn some of the establishment of the yellow web site technology.

is in these groups, there was a university in Shanghai, a university student to find him, the student’s final exam English score of 58 points, he found the king

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