Agricultural electricity supplier to do the pilot cities to see how the founder said

[Abstract] before the general office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a "plan" pilot agricultural electronic commerce, the Ministry of agriculture in 2016 in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Chongqing, Ningxia and other 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out the pilot agricultural electronic commerce.


of the provinces, Beijing, Hebei City, different emphases, and Jilin, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, Ningxia and other 7 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) key pilot in fresh agricultural products e-commerce, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and other 4 provinces focus on electronic commerce of agricultural means of production to carry out the pilot, Beijing, Hainan pilot in leisure agriculture e-commerce.  

business research told billion state power network analysis, first, should pay attention to use security measures third, the Ministry of agriculture policy priority, tilt support, ". Review of several major electricity supplier industry pilot: Electronic Commerce and Logistics Co pilot development, cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot program of work notice or did not use such words to describe the direct, visible Ministry of Agriculture pilot attention and follow-up support.

second, more extensive agricultural positioning. Agricultural planting aquaculture, including general electric and other fields, visible from the Ministry of agriculture itself functions on the electricity supplier’s views and other ministries are very different, how to agriculture and other ministries electric fusion is an unavoidable engineering technical challenges.

third pilot provinces, city does not include agricultural products, rural crafts developed in Guizhou, and the major agricultural province of Henan and Shandong provinces, the pilot is only direction list three days after the pilot, the effect remains to be seen.

electricity supplier researchers also said that such a pilot is generally for comments in advance, then declared by the country. "Program" mentioned in the direction of the three electricity providers are favorable. But it should be noted, the current overheated rural electricity supplier in the field, some fish in the "rural electricity supplier" may enter.

fresh B2B platform harvest day seedlings founder said, this policy should not support policies, but pilot policy support policies will launch in the future. City, province and pilot project in Shandong, Henan has two major agricultural province, but to join, Heilongjiang and other provinces, the main purpose should be to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, such as land reclamation area etc.. It is worth noting that the program proposed a number of pilot programs in the supply chain, it can be said that these years fresh electricity supplier repeated attempts to a certain.

fresh O2O platform founder Jiao Yue meters fresh, fresh from one meter business point of view, Hebei more accurate positioning, of which Hebei is around Beijing is an important producer, the problem of electricity based on the implemented in Hebei is necessary.


service platform for agricultural farmer founder Yang Lei analysis, agricultural e-commerce is different from other electrical goods category, the agricultural policy focused on the following points, should be more appropriate: first, the degree of information penetration in rural areas is low, farmers learn chemical information.

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