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the development of the market economy is not the people’s will, the competition has gone beyond the product itself, non product competition has been placed in a prominent position, good corporate image has become the enterprise, and improve the strong beat attack cities and capture territories sharp weapons sales. Thus, corporate image design has received much attention in all walks of life, many enterprises are expected to make only superficial changes to seek new development.

corporate image design can enhance the overall image and the management level of enterprises; to promote the economic and social benefit, and good corporate image design can directly promote the sales of products. A full range of deep into the corporate image design has become an inevitable choice for modern visionary entrepreneurs.

corporate image design is a systematic project, a person’s ability is difficult to complete, so some large enterprises set up specialized agencies and personnel for overall planning, planning and operation. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises is to hire professional image design company to complete the corporate image design involves a aspects of the enterprise, small badges, work cards, envelopes, letterheads, name card, the company signs, the appearance of the building, staff uniforms, vehicles and product logo and so on, so that the corporate image the design requires very systematically planning and design implementation, not casually just kill, this will only backfire, missed the event.

the following four design recommendations, you can do poineering work for the enterprise website reference:

responsive web design

more and more people no longer rely on the desktop Internet access, but with the mobile phone and tablet PC access. Designing a different client page for a web site allows users to view the site comfortably on different devices. This process does not need to re edit the site’s code, but requires web designers to allow the design of the web page can be changed with the changes in the browser device, the picture can be automatically adjusted for the length and width. If the web design is reasonable, the user does not need to zoom in on the phone to view.


Illy coffee is a great web site for responsive web design, which can easily switch from the desktop web page to the corresponding phone screen size (see above). Therefore, consumers no longer need to enlarge page to see print when browsing, because the page size is consistent with the intelligent mobile phone screen size. Through well-designed web pages, users can have a clear understanding of the Illy, so as to attract potential customers.

with the rapid expansion of the number of users of mobile phones and tablet PCs, responsive web design is gaining popularity in many sites, is gradually becoming a benchmark in the field of web design.

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