t took the Post Bar crackdown Baidu Taobao internal anti-corruption banner

                Baidu Taobao strike "waiter" took the internal anti-corruption banner

first half of the year, Ma Yun set off the action of the great in strength and impetus within Taobao, because a number of collusion and seek illegitimate interests "the waiter" was "cut by the sword". In the second half, another Internet giant took over the banner of internal anti-corruption, which is Baidu. Because of the "charge delete", the police jingfangxingju 3 days before Baidu internal staff. Why is Baidu internal corruption, who is Taobao corruption case in the "left" role? As internal staff Post Bar administrator, or non Baidu hired staff Post Bar Lord


Baidu initiative to report to the police

August 5th, according to media reports, a Baidu Inc internal mail from the network flow, said the company recently occurred more than "paid posts" of suspected criminal cases, employees 3 jingfangxingju.

this leaked internal e-mail said, search the Department of community Sohn and external staff collusion charges, delete, July 20th by the Haidian Public Security Bureau detention; Xu search the Department of community and external personnel lvmou collusion, illegal revocation set / small bar, and through the small fee to delete, July 23rd jingfangxingju Lumou; public affairs by taking advantage of his position, the collusion of external agencies and personnel, toll delete posts, July 16th jingfangxingju.

a Baidu insider to the IT Times reporter confirmed the authenticity of this message, Baidu ethics committee self-examination for a long time, the evidence is conclusive, so take the initiative to report to the police. And internal mail to all employees, hoping to strengthen the sense of professional ethics. But the mail leaked out……" Thus, the outside world know Baidu’s internal anti-corruption action.

How many

the specific amount of money involved? The details of the case? The reporter call the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau office and Haidian branch, but until the deadline has not received a reply.

and Baidu insiders said: the amount involved is not much, but the post is a long term internal high-voltage line, for such violations and even crime, treatment has been more severe."

it became hard object


as internal staff to prove safety corruption, "the bartender". Baidu blade pointing to the anti-corruption, who, within the identity of the Post Bar administrator, or as people outside the bar? Now, Baidu seems to be more focused on the latter.

The Baidu

event has attracted outside attention, because the 3 internal staff collusion charges outside personnel, delete posts and jingfangxingju. In fact, in the campaign recently launched Baidu network toll delete posts during the operation, it is the focus of the crackdown.

"has the right to delete the posts of employees, the company repeatedly on its professional ethics education. In the deletion of the process, we have to each member

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