.CN domain name business rules adjustment notice

each registry service:

Hello everyone!

in order to better promote the development of CN domain name business, I will be the center of the CN domain name business rules to adjust. Details are as follows:

first, the business rules to adjust on-line time

December 18, 2007 open beta

formally launched in December 20, 2007

two, business rules adjustment content

1 domain name registration period adjusted to a maximum of 10 years.

2 newly registered domain successfully after a 5 day redemption period, the normal domain renewals will cancel the redemption period.

3 domain name expires rules:

1) after the expiration of the domain name will automatically renew for a year, the cost from the registration services prepaid account deducted. In the automatic renewal within 45 days after the confirmation for auto renewal period, if the Registrar to delete the domain name, CNNIC will be deducted renewal fees refunded to the Registrar of the prepaid account; if during this period did not delete the domain name, equivalent to the registrar has confirmed the automatic renewal fee.

2) automatically renew confirmation period, view the WHOIS system to the domain name and domain name information, the same year the normal renewal. The expiration time display for one year after the date of renewal. As in the confirmation period occurs automatically renew renewals, transfer operation, then the domain will automatically renew from the confirmation period, equivalent to the registrar has confirmed that automatically renew registration services; if delete the domain name, the domain name is deleted from the date of entering high redemption period.

3) after the expiration of the domain name registration services if the prepaid account balance is insufficient, after the expiration of the domain name will not automatically renew, directly into the price of the redemption period. High redemption period of 15 days, the high redemption period, the original domain name holders can redeem the domain name through the registration service. To complete the redemption operation, CNNIC will be deducted from the prepaid accounts of the registered service provider, the redemption price of the domain name of 400 yuan /. After the redemption of the domain name, the validity of the original domain name expires on the basis of an increase of one year. If the redemption period of the domain name has not been redeemed, after the end of the redemption period will be deleted.

4) high redemption period of the domain name of the state is only pendingDelete, Whois display information is only less the main (auxiliary) server content, the expiration date shows the original maturity. High redemption status, the domain name prohibits UPDATE, TRANSFER, DELETE operation, not to provide DNS analysis.

5) after the expiration of the detailed process, please refer to the attached flow chart.

three, special domain name processing


1, in the pedingdelete state of the domain name all the automatic renewal of 1 years, and to automatically renew confirmation >

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